SpaceX Plans Second Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit Mission Today

Hawthorne-based SpaceX announced this morning that it is planning it second, geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) mission today, to launch at 1:25pm PST for satellite provider THAICOM. SpaceX said that it is targeting the launch of the THAICOM 6 telecommunications satellite, weighing 3,016 kg (6,649 lbs), from its launch complex in Cape Canaveral; the company said its launch window for the mission is January 7-12, 2014 if it does not launch today. The mission is the second GTO mission for SpaceX. GTO orbit missions are considered very challenging, and are used to deliver satellites into geosynchronous orbit, which makes a satellite appear motionless with respect to the earth--important for communications and other satellites. SpaceX is webcasting the launch today.


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