StockTwits Debuts New Social Signals Features

San Diego-based StockTwits, the micro messaging site focused on stocks and stock trading run by Howard Lindzon, is tapping into its big database of messages today with a new feature. The site said that it has added two, Social Stock Signals which show what stocks and people are gaining popularity on the site. The tools highlight those stocks seeing the most discussion volume on the site, as well as which members are getting new followers on the site. StockTwits said that its Social Stock Signals highlights which tickers and industries are gaining or losing momentum over different time periods, which can help people discovery which stocks and industries are being discussed most on the service. The similar Social People Signals feature helps users find the other users who people are watching the most by popularity of their posts. StockTwits operates a micro-messaging service, similar to Twitter, but very focused on stock tips and discussion.


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