StoryBots Expands Lineup With New Learning Videos For iOS

StoryBots, the new digital children's brand created by JibJab's Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, is expanding out its lineup of mobile apps today, saying that it has released a new app called Learning Videos. The new iOS app lets kids learn about time, animals, outer space, and other concepts through a series of cute musical videos.

The Spiridellis brothers are best known for their quirky, humorous, and viral Internet videos, which they have parlayed into both a digital greeting card business, JibJab, and now, a line of educational videos and related apps at StoryBots. The move into children's education by the brothers came last year, as the two--with children of their own--realized that kids' content hadn't taken advantage of the world of smartphones, tablets, and YouTube.

The new, free app is part of a line of "Happy Kids" products from StoryBots, and features both free videos, as well as new content, added on a regular basis. The additional content requires unlocking via an "All-Access Family Pass" available for purchase through the app. StoryBots is based in Los Angeles.


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