StoryBots Debuts Three New Apps

StoryBots, the developer of entertaining, fun, and educational application and content, has launched a trio of new applications, the firm said Thursday. The Venice, California-based firm--an offsping of JibJab, the company created by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis --said its new apps include KidQuoter, an iPhone app that lets parents capture funny sayings from their kids and make that into art; Tap & Sing, an iPad application that teaches kids musical concepts like notes, melodies, and tempos; and ABC Videos, an app which features the 26 different funny music videos that StoryBots has been sharing via YouTube.

Evan and Gregg Spiridellis are well known for creating humorous greeting cards firm JibJab, which got its start developing humorous, online videos and parodies on Presidential elections. The new effort, StoryBots, grew out of the parenting experience of the two founders of JibJab. The StoryBots are brightly colored, on-screen creatures created by the brothers to help entertain and educate kids.

StoryBots debuted its first set of applications back in September.