Strix Wires City of Tempe

Calabasas-based Strix Systems has scored a win for its wireless mesh networking systems at the city of Tempe, Arizona, as the city unveiled a 40 square-mile, city-wide wireless Wi-Fi network yesterday. The company claims that this is the largest citywide WiFi mesh deployment yet. Tempe provides access to the Wi-Fi network for businesses, residents, and guests, with an overlay network specifically for municipal workers. The "WAZTempe" network was launched yesterday with U.S. Senator John McCain and a demo of the a fire truck transmitting data and voice calls to the network. Strix develops wireless networking equipment that uses wireless meshes to create large-scale Wi-Fi deployment, and is backed by CMEA, Crosslink Capital, El Dorado, Palomar Ventures, UV Partners, and Windward Ventures.