Three Southern California Startups Setting You Up For Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is coming up -- it's this Friday, February 14th -- and what better way to prepare for the holiday than taking a look at three local startups (and one established company) particularly appropriate for the occasion?

The Bouqs, which is headed by John Tabis, has a modern, online and mobile service aimed at delivering flowers to your girlfriend, wife, or anyone else. The startup--backed by Quest Ventures, Siemer Ventures, Sienna Ventures, and others--not only will help you impress your romantic couple this Friday--the startup also has a feature to help you keep that romance alive by reminding you, and automatically sending flowers for things like birthdays and anniversaries.

Don't have a significant other? Tinder, one of Southern California's hottest mobile app startups, might be the ticket, if you're into the "hot or not" style of finding love. The startup's tagline is "It's like real life, but better." and focuses on letting you vote "up or down" on the profiles and photos of other users--and if you both think it's a match, letting you connect with others with similar interests and common friends.

Wish you could find just the right floral arrangement for Valentine's day? BloomNation, led by Farbod Shoraka and one of the companies out of Muckerlab, is helping to connect local florists -- with unique, not cookie-cutter creations -- for local delivery. The company is fighting against the corporate behemoths who dominate the floral industry now with their mass market designs, and helping you to get something truly unique.

Finally, for those who are really, really tired of spending Valentine's Day alone, we have the well established eHarmony -- which not only runs you through their computerized matching system--but recently expanded into personal matchmaking -- if you have a mere $5000 a year to ensure you finally find a match for life.

Did we miss your favorite, Southern California-based company providing a product or service particularly applicable for Valentine's day? Let us know!

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