TigerText Gets $1.9M

Santa Monica-based TigerText, a new startup focused on mobile messaging applications, said Tuesday evening that it has raised $1.9M in an angel funding round. The round came from Silicon Valley investors Herb Madan and Randall Kaplan. Kaplan is co-founder of Akamai Technologies, and Madan has joined the company's board of directors. TigerText said it is developing mobile applications aimed at creating a secure way to send mobile messages, as a resplacement to SMS. The firm said the new funding will go towards buildout of its business and to add new features and functionality to its software. TigerText runs on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and allows users to send messages or photos which will automatically be deleted after a specific amount of time. The firm said its software will retain a message only for as long as a user specifies, which can be anywhere from 1 minute to 30 days. More information »


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