TrueCar Updates Dealer Outreach Initiative

Santa Monica-based TrueCar--which has been in the midst of extending the olive leaf out to car dealers put off by its pricing pressure--said it has updated its "Dealer Pledge" initiative, improving its efforts to address concerns of its dealers. The company said it has made "important changes" in its product offering, customer service and messaging as part of that initiative. TrueCar posted the updated pledge online. TrueCar has been in the middle of an effort to smooth over its relationships with dealers, who it works with to provide online pricing of automobiles; dealers, even though they would work with TrueCar, had been less than happy about the pricing pressure of TrueCar's online service, which let end customers compare and see what others were paying for vehicles in their area. TrueCar--while still showing pricing and information--is now making its approach more dealer friendly.