Vederi Sues Google Over Google Street View

A Pasadena-based company, founded by Caltech Ph.D's, is suing Google for patent infringement, based on its Google Street View feature, according to IP law firm Christie, Parker & Hale LLP. According to the firm, Verederi LLC, a company founded by Enrico Di Bernardo and Luis Goncalves, have sued Google saying that its Street View product infringes on four of the company's patents. Christie Parker & Hale said that Di Bernardo and Goncalves, who met at Caltech while pursuing their doctoral degrees, hold four patents which cover systems for allowing Internet users to look at street-level view of neighborhoods; the firm said that Vederi's first provisional patent on the technology was filed in October of 2000. The law firm said that Vederi demonstrated its StreetBrowser system on the City of Pasadena's website in the early 2000's, and used a camera mounted on top of Di Bernardo's car combined with GPS readings to create a panorama of streets that could be visually navigated by users.