Verizon Selling FiOS Network In California

It looks like a lot of high speed Internet customers in Southern California are about to get a new ISP, after Verizon and Frontier Communications said late Thursday that Verizon has agreed to sell off its wireline operations in California, Florida, and Texas to Frontier. According to the two, Frontier wil pay $10.54 billion in cash from the Verizon properties, which include 3.7 million voice connections, 2.2 million broadband connections, and 1.2 million FiOS video connections. The move on part of Verizon is an effort for that company to focus in on its wireless customers. Verizon is a major high speed Internet provider in Southern California, having spent billions on building out an extensive network of fiber to the home here. A recent, third party online map shows the extent of Verizon's FIOS network.


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