Vyclone Launches Collaborative Video Editing App

A new, Los Angeles-based startup, Vyclone, said today that it has launched its social, collaborative, and sharing app for the iPhone, which allows users to take videos from multiple people at the same event, and allows them to collaboratively edit those videos, synchronizing them into a single movie. Vyclone said its free app--now available in the App Store--allows two or more users to upload raw video footage from the same event, and automatically synchronizes and edits multiple clips from that event into a single movie. The app runs on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The firm's CEO and co-founder is David King Lassmann, and co-founder and Chief Creative Officer is Joe Sumner. Among a bevy of features on the app are ability to modify videos with different creative filters (black and white, sepia), sharing of movies to Twitter and Facebook, and social features like tagging, commenting, and liking of videos from other users.


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