Wallaby Launches Updated Mobile App, Connects With Foursquare

Pasadena-based Wallaby, the startup led by Matthew Goldman which is trying to help consumers optimize their use of credit card rewards, launched a brand new Android application Wednesday. The startup said the new mobile app, Wallaby 2.0, now includes two way integration with FourSquare, and new improvements for selecting what credit card to use, to maximize rewards.

Wallaby is gambling that users will want to use the firm's app when they use a credit card, to maximize the points, miles, cash back, or other rewards they might get on those cards; the firm has raised funding from FF Angel, WI Harper Group, and MuckerLab to make that happen. The firm has said its ultimate goal is to create the "Wallaby Card", a virtual credit card users can swipe which will automatically charge the appropriate credit card, however, the firm has yet to launch that as an actual product.