Webzen, Massive in In-Game Advertising Deal

South Korea-based Webzen and Microsoft's Massive are in a deal to place in-game advertising in Webzen's massively multiplayer online games. The ad deal is the first for Webzen, and calls for the placement of ads in upcoming PC versions of Huxley and All Points Bulletin, two of Webzen's MMOG titles. Terms were not disclosed. Massive is a developer of in-game advertising technology, that allow advertisers to place ads within computer video games. Webzen's Huxley title is set for release in 2007, and its All Points Bulletin title in 2008. Massive was recently acquired by Microsoft. Webzen's US subsidiary, WEBZEN America, operates out of Los Angeles. Webzen established its LA headquarters in January of last year to enter the U.S. game market.


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