What Happens When A Startup Is, Literally, Your Life?

Startup founders are often told to pour all of their energy, and time, into making their company a success--usually, with the requisite tradeoff in quality of life and personal time. What happens when a startup goes even farther, and goes 24/7--with the company's employees not only working, but living together? Fast Company has the fascinating story of Enplug, a Los Angeles startup which has taken startup dedication to a new level, with all eleven of the startup's employees living, eating, sleeping, and working in the same house.

According to Fast Company, Enplug has been conducting an experiment in startup life--with employees spending essentially all of their time at the company; no one getting any salaries; the company providing groceries and utilities; and even covering drinks and trips for employees. But what happens when you live with your boss?


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