X1 Discovery Takes On Social Media Discovery

Sharpening its focus on the electronic discovery market, Pasadena-based X1, the enterprise search tools provider backed by Idealab, has split out a new company called X1 Discovery, headed by John Patzakis, the former President of eDiscovery at X1. X1 Discovery said today that it has launched a new, electronic discovery software called X1 Social Discovery, which is specifically aimed at helping computer forensics professionals address social media content. Leveraging the technology of X1, X1 Discovery said it provides a platform to collect, authenticate, search, review, and produce electronically stored information from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. X1 Discovery said it will be releasing its software on October 18th, priced at $945 per seat annually. Both X1 and X1 Discovery are companies incubated by Idealab; based on X1 Discovery's site, the firm has tapped into the eDiscovery expertise of Guidance Software for its executives; Patzakis had a very significant role at Guidance, including serving as President and CEO, among other positions. His new team includes Skip Lindsey, also a former VP at Guidance; Brent Botta, who headed up product management at Guidance; and Cathryn Goodman, who headed up marketing at Guidance.


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