YouMail Enhances Smart Greetings For Business

YouMail, the enhanced voicemail service which pioneered the idea of presenting customized greetings depending on who is calling you--for example, having a "Hi Mom" greeting if you Mom calls your voicemail, or "Hi Dad" if it's your Dad--has just one-upped the service, in an attempt to add features for businesses. Now, the firm said its "Smart Greetings" feature for businesses lets you use a caller's first and last name in a greeting.

According to YouMail, the new feature would allow a real estate agent to include a client's name in a greeting, for example, "Hi Mary, you've reached John Smith of Coldwell Banker, who is unavailable." YouMail said the new feature is part of its Business Edition service. YouMail has recently been making a significant number of enhancements on the business and premium side of its business. The firm launched its premium business services last month.


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