YouMail Makes Voicemail Smarter With Status Updates

YouMail, the developer of enhanced voicemail software, already has a number of features not found in other voicemail systems. But, its latest addition has ramped up the intelligence in its call handling another notch, allowing users to add very detailed, time-aware status updates to their voicemails. According to the Irvine-based company, it has added a new smart greeting feature which let users provide callers with detailed information about what you are doing, and when you'll be available again. For example, if you're a real estate agent showing a house to a client until 2pm, the voicemail software can let callers know you're busy with that exact information.

The software also can be set to longer term status updates--for example, letting callers know you're on vacation for a week our out of the office for the day. According to YouMail, the new smart greetings feature is now available on its Business Edition version of its enhanced voicemail service. The feature currently works only on YouMail's iPhone app, but the company promised it would be rolling out the feature to Android phones soon.