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AMP Turns To Crowdfunding For Sustainable Business Networking

A new, Santa Monica-based startup, AMP, is hoping that crowdfunding will bring its bookmarking site and file exchange site for those interested in sustainability to life. The startup--started by Sarah McKinney and John Lehnert--said it turned to IndieGogo for fundraising as a way to scale its site past beta. The site--in part, inspired by sites such as Santa Monica's DocStoc--hopes to become a place where people working on environmental and social progress can connect with others and other information. The founders, crowdfunding page, said they are looking to raised $50,000 for the effort. It looks like the startup is still in infancy--but co-founder McKinney says the company is hoping to create a new tech start-up that would normally be launched in Silicon Valley, and launching it from Silicon Beach.





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