AnyMeeting: We're Better Than WebEx, GoToMeeting

Online web conferencing provider AnyMeeting has a challenge: it believes its services are better suited for small business than both WebEx and GoToMeeting, the incumbents in the web conferencing space. To prove it? The company said it will provide six months of its ad-free business plans to any small business owner, employee or independent professional who will show them a copy of their most recent WebEx or GoToMeeting invoice.

The boast and challenge is a big one for the small startup, which only launched its services a few years ago, and only recently started focusing primarily on the small business web conferencing market. The startup said it is launching an "aggressive campaign" to directly take on WebEx and GoToMeeting in the small business market, saying it's about half the cost of most enterprise solutions.

AnyMeeting, which is headed by Costin Tuculescu, says it offers six-way video conferencing, VoIP support, conference calling, screen sharing, and many other tools important to small businesses; the firm is backed by the Tech Coast Angels, Pasadena Angels, Maverick Angels, Sand Hill Angels and Keiretsu Forum.