Applied Semantics' Gil Elbaz A Backer Of Real Time Ad Firm

Gil Elbaz, one of the founders of Applied Semantics, the often unheralded Santa Monica-based creator of what is now Google's AdSense product, is one of the angel investors in San Francisco-based Triggit, a developer of a real time ad bidding platform, it was revealed today. Elbaz was one of a long list of angel investors who joined in a $4.2M, Series A funding for Triggit. Triggit's funding came from Spark Capital, Foundry Group, Angel investors Bret and Scott Crosby (Urchin), Asher Waldfogel (Peakstream/Tollbridge), Ben Narison (Fashionmall), Joe Spieser and Alex Zhardanovsky (Epic Advertising), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), TriplePoint Capital, DG Incubation, Joi Ito, Charles Sprincin, and Eric Stein. Elbaz also heads up data site Factual, which has its own, equally long list of technology notables as investors. More information »