AwesomenessTV Acquires Big Frame

Los Angeles-based AwesomenessTV--which is now part of Dreamworks--has acquired Big Frame, another local YouTube network operator. According to AwesomenessTV, it will pay $15M in cash, including repayment of outstanding debt, for Big Frame, which will go to help bolster AwesomenessTV's talent roster, executives, and talent managers. Big Frame had been venture backed by Anthem Venture Partners, Daher Capital, DFJ Frontier, LaunchPad LA, New World Ventures, The Media Farm and Social Starts, and angels Diego Berdakin, Dave Goldberg, Peter Gotcher, Clark Landry, Adam Lilling and Dan Murray. The company had a $3.0M Series A funding back in 2012. AwesomenessTV's acquisition by DreamWorks was one of the fastest and most profitable exits of a company ever in Southern California.