BetterWorks Dangles Prizes For Developers

Santa Monica-based BetterWorks, the employee fringe benefits startup headed by Paige Craig, looks to be ramping its employee recruitment effort, and is sponsoring a developer "hack-fest" this weekend at Coloft. According to the firm, it is awarding $3,000 as a first place prize for the developer who creates a "technical masterpiece" around making the workplace better, whether that is a project management, customer relationship management system, or similar. The event is being held Sunday. BetterWorks just kicked off a major hiring effort, saying earlier this month that it hopes to hire 50 people -- up from just 30 now -- by the end of the year. The firm has been dangling referral bounties and more to find developers, although some local recruiters have complained that the firm is not offering enough to attract developers in an intensely competitive market.