Boingo Wireless Takes Manhattan

Los Angeles-based Boingo Wireless, the operator of an extensive network of Wi-Fi access points, reported this morning that it has inked a deal with Towerstream Corporation to manage that firm's Internet services in Manhattan. Boingo said that the network operated by Towerstream will broadcast its Boingo Hotspot SSID, and allow Boingo users and others to access or purchase Wi-Fi across Manhattan. The two companies said they expect the Boingo-managed network in Manhattan will launch before the end of the year. As part of the deal, Boingo said customers of the firm's network, including KT, Orange France, Skype, and Verizon, will also gain access to the Manhattan coverage. Financial details of the partnership were not disclosed, however, the firms said that the agreement has provisions where Boingo can leverage future networks built by Towerstream.


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