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Social Entrepreneurship: Venturing from the Bottom Up
Date: March 10, 2012
Location:Los Angeles
Social Entrepreneurship: Venturing from the Bottom Up. Entrepreneurs identify problems and find ways to solve them. In a typical business, the idea is to do that and make some money. What happens, though, when the problems are big and have social aspects that donít have an obvious revenue source? Are nonprofits the only organizations that can solve these problems, or are there ways to make money (and find funding) while making life better for people at the bottom of the economic pyramid? Keynote: Jim Fruchterman - CEO and Founder, Benetech; Panel includes oan Horvath- (Moderator), Fellow, National University Community Research Institute; Toby Cumberbatch- Founder, Center for Sustainable Engineering, Art and Architecture- Materials, Manufacturing and Minimalism (SEA2M3) at The Cooper Union; Patrick Kiruki- Founder, Alru Design Consultancy; Ken Pickar- Visiting Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Caltech. See
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