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CO2, Microbes and Grass – Treatment for Energy Hunger?
Date: April 14, 2012
CO2, Microbes and Grass – Treatment for Energy Hunger? Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Biofuels and Alternatives. Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum. In biofuels, the use of algae has attracted a lot of attention as an economical alternative to biofuel production. By using specialized algae that are robust and able to withstand true industrial conditions on a commercial basis, output can be at least one or two orders of magnitude better than the best agri¬cultural system. This forum will address questions such as where the markets are developing, how entrepreneurs and corporate investors play a role in this space, what impact the recession has had on deal size and investors’ appetite for risk, and how investment activity varies according to technology type and fuel produced. Keynote: Sossina M. Haile - Professor, Materials Science and of Chemical Engineering at California Institute Of Technology. Panelists: Greg Young - Managing Director, Biogreentech, ASEAN, Burrill & Company; Paul Reep - Senior Vice President of Technology, Origin Oil. See
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