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SAM Preccelerator Presents
Date: September 18, 2014
Location:Santa Monica
SAM Preccelerator Presents. Numerous technology trends and shifts over the last 10+ years have driven how people interact with and consume information. One common trend of successful products and services, regardless of their place in thedigital or physical worlds of consumers, is that consumers demand products be aware of “who” they are, what their “individual” needs are and create an emotional bond with the product. Despite this, too many start-ups work on the assumption that the consumer will discover their product or apps’ real value and their start-up will be able to pivot to success. This talk is a crash course on creating products that have a clear end-to-end value proposition and design strategy, and will demonstrate that an understanding of storytelling, trust and a full range of emotions can be designed into any product from the start. See
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