Chumby Raises $3.0M More

San Diego-based Chumby, maker of the alarm-clock sized, Internet device, has raised another $3.0M in funding, according to a regulatory filing by the firm Monday. According to the filing, the funding came in the form of debt and warrants, most likely a convertible debt round. Source of the new funding was not disclosed. Chumby has previously raised funding from Avalon Ventures, JK&B Capital, Masthead Venture Partners, and O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. Chumby's Internet device allows users to run information widgets, and includes tools for developers which makes it easy to create those software widgets to connect to Internet services. Chumby recently licensed the firm's technology to automotive software firm QNX Software Systems. The company is headed by Derrick Oien. More information »


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