Clutter Launches In LA, Aims To Store Away Your Mess

In the latest smartphone-driven service to launch in Los Angeles, a new startup, Clutter, debuted its service Wednesday, letting any iPhone user use their phone to pack up their mess into reusable boxes, and have them carted away to storage. The startup, led by Brian Thomas, lets users order up reusable storage boxes via iPhone, and lets users store those boxes away along with a smartphone photograph of the items packed into those boxes, for retrieval anytime. Clutter is charging $10 a box per month for its service, and delivers and picks up boxes for free.

Clutter's service offers a single box size, and ties those smartphone photos to the boxes stored by users, so they can find what they're looking for anytime. Clutter said it is being advised by Ari Mir, who has joined the company as Chairman; Mir has also been involved with Pocket Change and GumGum.


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