Comcast Launches New Business Venture Centered On Semtech's Wireless Technology

Cable provider Comcast booted up a new trial business venture this week, aimed at the Internet-of-Things market, based on the low power wireless networking technology developed by Camarillo-based Semtech, the company said this week. Comcast said its new machineQ business will focus on building business-to-business solutions and a platform for the Internet-of-Things, allowing its partners to gather, transmit, and analyze data from connected devices distributed throughout their organizations. The new entry by Comcast into the Internet-of-Things market will be powered by Semtech's LoRa Wireless Radio Frequency technology, with a network trail in Philadelphia and San Francisco later this year. Comcast said those networks will go to demonstrate such use cases as utility metering; environmental monitoring of temperature, pollution, and other information; and asset tracking. Comcast and Semtech did not announced financial details of the deployment deal, but the win appears to be the biggest so far for Semtech's wireless networking technology.