Convertro Tracks Users Across Devices, Solves Cross-Device Ad Issues

It's a new world out there for online marketers--users aren't just on their PC anymore, they're surfing the web, buying products, and using services across their tablet(s), desktops, and smartphone. So, how do marketers figure out if you're the same person to better target their ads? Convertro, the online advertising analytics firm headed by serial entrepreneur Jeff Zwelling, said today that it has launched a new product to help marketers with that problem. Convertro said its new Advanced User Matching capability is aimed at measuring ads cross-device, letting marketers figure out how users are behaving as they move between devices.

Convertro says it is anonymously using identification information across multiple devices, to help marketers figure out exactly what path a user took in converting to a sales; for example, Convertro said it is helping marketers figure out when a user sees a TV ad, makes a search on their iPad, and then make a purchase on their laptop, how it all happened. Convertro's software then helps apply that information to retarget ads and present ads to users. Convertro did not say how much the new features will cost to users.

Zwelling is a one of Southern California's serial entrepreneurs with a fair number of successes under his belt; his last company, EchoSign, was acquired for a healthy sum by Adobe in 2011; he also was the founder of YLighting, a big success in providing online designer lighting.


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