CPMs Highest For Newspapers, Sports Sites

Display ad numbers released today from Internet analysis firm comScore shows that CPMs for Internet publishers were highest for newspapers, and lowest for social networking sites. According to comScore, in April 2010 the CPMs for display ad impressions were $6.99 for newspaper sites, and $6.29 for sports sites. Among the lowest CPMs are social networking sites, which garnered only an $0.56 CPM, as well as email, with a CPM of $0.94. Other high CPM earners are general news sites, at $6.14 CPM, and entertainment sites at $4.75. Despite those CPMs, the distribution of impressions were highly slanted toward social networking sites, with 27.7% of display ad impressions, followed by online portals at 19.6%, then entertainment sites, at 10.7% of the total impressions. Newspapers only garnered 2.4 percent of display impressions in April.


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