Crash, Backed By Idealab, Debuts App For Finding Tourist Attractions

What's the best way to find local tourist locations? How about a mobile app which taps the power of its users to find cool and unique spots in their city? Newly funded and launched startup Crash--backed by Idealab--said today that it has launched its iOS-based attraction discovery app and website. The startup, led by Erick Laubach, said that the application lets anyone be their own tour guide, and explore attractions which "make a city unique." The app lets users check in, post photos of attractions, and compete with friends.

The firm described itself as a combination of "Yelp meets Foursquare meets Instagram", and is initially launching the app in Austin, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The new app centers around photos--which can be viewed on a map or on a list--of unique and interesting locations in a town, plus a competition between users to rack up points and be recognized on a leaderboard in discovering cool places in a location. Idealab says it is incubating Crash.


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