CurbStand Takes Valet Parking To The Trails

In a "that's so LA" moment, Los Angeles-based on-demand, valet parking app provider CurbStand is taking its valet parking service to the popular Runyon Canyon hiking trail in Hollywood, saying it will let users valet park their autos at the popular hiking/running trail this weekend. Curbstand said it will offer the parking for $5 on both Saturday (November 22nd) and Sunday (November 23rd) between 9am and 4pm, and also set up employees on the trail to strategically make sure hikers' cars are in the parking lot waiting for them when they're done with their hike. CurbStand also said it will be providing a free PowerBar and water to users. Runyon Canyon--which tends to be packed with hikers, walkers, dogs, joggers, and other exercise minded LA residents on weekends--is also notorious for not having much parking.