DoctorsDirect Raises $2.5M

Santa Monica-based, which is developing a service to enable patients to book appointments with doctors online, has raised $2.5M in a venture capital round. The Series A funding came from Spark Capital, a Boston-based venture capital firm. DoctorsDirect is headed by Tommy McGloin, former SVP and GM of AOL's MapQuest. McGloin told socalTECH that the company was in the process of looking for another seed round, but ran into Spark Capital, found great chemistry, and decided to do a Series A before the firm expected it would need to. In an interview with socalTECH, McGloin said that the company has already built a team and the technology, and is looking to use the funding to get to market and built a liquid marketplace. According to McGloin, the firm is currently going through the iterative steps of signing up doctors and customers, signing up more doctors, and bringing more customers. The firm is focused on getting proof of concept and traction in the twelve months ahead. More information »