ecoATM Bolsters Law Enforcement Ties Via Former San Diego Police Chief

San Diego-based ecoATM, which operates a network of nationwide, automated electronics recycling kiosks, is further bolstering its efforts to make sure the cell phones it is collecting are legit. The company said this week that it has tied with former San Diego Chief of Police, William Lansdowne, to assist the company in building and strengthening relationships with law enforcement across the country. Lansdowne recently retired from the department. ecoATM has faced criticism and calls for a ban in some cities for accepting possibly stolen cell phones, making it easier for criminals to cash in on those stolen items. The company has already recently recruited two other law enforcement vets -- Max Santiago, former Deputy Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol, and Mike McCann, graduate of the FBI National Academy and retired chief of police -- to work with law enforcement to remedy those issues. The company also has an extensive program around working with law enforcement around stolen phone issues.