eHarmony: Subscriber Numbers Hit Record

Santa Moica-based matchmaking site eHarmony said today that it has hit a record breaking number of subscribers, thanks to the return of founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren two years ago. The service said it has seen a 54 percent growth in subscribers since Warren's return, which the company said came after a "serious decline" due to its prior management team. eHarmony did not report on the exact number of subscribers using the service now. According to the company, its prior leadership had begun to "follow the market rather than lead it", causing its decline. eHarmony attributed the return to a redesigned user experience, mobile support, new marketing, and vertical expansion. eHarmony says that on average, 438 people marry every dat in the U.S. as a result of being match on eHarmony, which represents 4 percent of new marriages in the United States.