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FanMix Spins Out Of SocialEngine

Fanmix, a startup developing "social inbox" software to manage a user's social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, comment threads, and elsewhere, has spun out of Los Angeles-based Social Engine, according to Social Engine co-founder and new FanMix head Charlotte Genevier. According to Genevier, she has left her position as CTO of SocialEngine to work on FanMix and turn it into a "real business". Genevier and Social Engine CEO Alex Benzer had built FanMix as part of their work at TechStars, but later put the project on hold to work on SocialEngine. SocialEngine develops software which makes it easy for users to create their own, social website or online community; the firm has been the driving force behind Silverlake HQ, the community of startups in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, which includes SocialEngine, Ad Hoc Labs (Burner), Green Business Base Camp, and others.





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