Faraday Future Sued By Faraday Bicycles In Trademark Suit, Adding To Legal Woes

Los Angeles-based Faraday Future, which is developing high tech electric vehicles, has been sued by a manufacturer of electric bicycles, Faraday Bicycles, in a trademark lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit, California Northern District Court. Faraday Bicycles alleges that Faraday Future is infringing upon its trademark, which it obtained in October 2013, and cited the rejection of Faraday Future's application for its own trademark in 2016 where the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office said the company's name was likely to be confused with the bicycle brand. Faraday Bicycles is seeking an injunction plus unspecified damages in the lawsuit, Faraday Bicycles, Inc. v. Faraday Future Inc. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday. Faraday Future, the electric car company, is already busy in the court system, with a lawsuit against it by former partner Aecom alleging unpaid bills, another lawsuit (now dismissed) by test seat manufacturer Futuris, a lawsuit by landlord Beim Maple Properties alleging it has missed payments for its warehouse in Torrance, and even a lawsuit by a visual effects firm over lack of payment for creating the company's splashy presentation for its launch of its FF91 vehicle.


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