Flud Launches Social News Apps For Companies

What's the best way to share competitive intelligence and company announcements with your employees? Flud, a San Diego startup developing mobile apps to let teams privately share news with their co-workers and others in the company, recently revealed that it is trying to take on that task with its social news platform developed with the backing of a couple of venture capital firms. Flud firm said its tool is aimed at bringing private news and intelligence sharing to businesses, letting co-workers share news articles and other information within an organization. So far, the company says it has signed up 50 companies across the U.S. and Europe for the enterprise product. The company is run by Bobby Ghoshal, and is venture backed by Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures. The firm says it has raised a little over $1M in that earlier venture round, as it looks towards a Series A round in the next few months. More information »


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