FundaGeek Set For Launch Into Crowdfunding

A new, Los Angeles-based startup FundaGeek, focused on the crowdsourced funding market, is getting set to launch in the next few weeks, hoping to tap into the crowd to help get technology-based projects off the ground. The new company--headed by Dan D. Gutierrez and co-founded by Cary Harwin--said it is looking to help techies with great ideas who need funding. The site looks to get "micro-pledges" from backers, using social networks, to help support technology projects like video games, smart phone apps, web software, sustainable energy, inventions, and more. Gutierrez said that the site is looking to fill the "frustrating hole" between "great idea" and traditional venture funding. Gutierrez is the former founder of (formerly eCriteria), an online hosted database firm.


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