Google Links Results To Fandango, Slacker, Others

In a move to better integrate the company's search results with third party sites, Google announced today that it will be integrating app activites into Google Search. As part of that move, Google said it will be surfacing the most popular user activity on sites such as Los Angeles-based movie service Fandango, San Diego-based music service Slacker, as well as a half dozen other popular online services.

According to Fandango, searches on will offer up top movies ranked by trailer views, and direct links to those movies on Fandango, when users specifically type "Fandango" into the search box. Other services with direct links into Google include Deezer, Flixster, Songza, SoundCloud, and TuneIn.

The new integration of third party sites follows the playbook of competing search engine Bing, the online search engine that is run by Microsoft, which has been intensively cultivating third party relationships and integrations over the last year--all in a bid to upset the current dominance of Google in search.


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