Green Commuter Hopes To Use A Tesla Model X Fleet To Get You To Work In Style

Tired of commuting to work in that generic looking white van pool? A new, Los Angeles startup, Green Commuter, says it plans to roll out a fleet of all-electric, seven-seat Tesla Model X as part of a new vanpool and car sharing service. According to the startup--based in the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)--it plans to launch on August 1st with an Indiegogo campaign, to find commuters interested in its yet-to-be-launched service. The company says by using the Tesla Model X, it avoids the polluting, gasoline vanpool vehicles, which typically only have 12 to 18 MPG ratings in real life driving. The startup is led by Gustavo Occhiuzzo. The company did not say how many, if any, Tesla Model X vehicles it has in its fleet. Green Commuter says it also plans to couple the usual, vanpool model with a car sharing model, in order to get better usage out of its fleet of Model X vehicles.


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