Hulu Dips Toes Into Virtual Reality

Santa Monica-based streaming television site Hulu is dipping its toes into the world of virtual reality content, saying Thursday that it is launching its own, Hulu VR application. The new virtual reality app, which will launch sometime this fall, will offer up an immmersive 3D environment, and which will also include at least one, immersive 3D short film. The 3D environment will also support streaming of Hulu's more traditional 2D content. According to Hulu, the idea behind the new custom, 3D environment is to support future virtual reality content. The first--and only--virtual 3D short film to be available through the app is a Hulu Original, RocketJump: The Show. Hulu said that title is being produced by Lionsgate, along with RocketJump and WEVR.