Insights: Two Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Story by Frank Addante


Today's Insights and Opinions article comes from longtime socalTECH reader Frank Addante--who recently took Rubicon Project public. He talks about his strategy for how to build a company: the 'find out' and the 'roll out'.

When you're looking to disrupt any industry—advertising, yogurt, VoIP technology, or whatever—begin with learning everything you can.

Who else is in the market? Do they have a solution? I have always forced myself to ask three very basic, but very important questions before moving forward with any idea. Put yourself in your customer/consumers shoes and ask the following questions:

  • Why do I need this?
  • Why do I need yours?
  • Why do I need it now?

Also, determine what ingredient you want to focus on as a company that will be your core differentiator. At Rubicon Project I decided to focus on our people and culture.

In my experience, the often-quoted phrase in business "the customer always comes first" is old school thinking from the days when employees and employers were loyal to each other for a lifetime. Unfortunately, those days are over. I believe in "people first." (Continued...)

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