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Insights and Opinions: Instant Reaction to Google Instant

For our Insights & Opinions section today, we have an article from Tim Howell, of Binary Pulse Technology Marketing, a local marketing firm, giving his opinion into the usefulness--or not--of Google's latest search feature, Google Instant, which starts pulling up search results before you've even finished typing what you're looking for:

I'll admit upfront that the folks at Google who came up with this are smarter than me. I also realize that they tested this and must have had more positive feedback than negative. I'm guessing that AJAX developers are also happy. That said, I'm not a big fan of Google Instant…yet.

In face-to-face communication and over the phone, I like to be able to finish my question without the recipient of my question guessing out loud what I'm going to ask for with every word I say in the sentence. Somebody helping answer a question that I can't describe properly is one thing. Jumping in after every word or pause is another. I find Google instant to be a little annoying like the person that won't let me finish a sentence. (More...)

Read the rest of Tim's article, Instant Reaction to Google Instant.





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