Integra Devices Spins Out Of UCI

Irvine-based Integra Devices, a startup developing microfabrication technology for developing microsensors, microactuators, microfluidics, and microcontrollers, has spun out of UC Irvine, the company said this week. The startup, co-founded by UCI professor Mark Bachman, says its micro-devices are aimed at being readily integrated into conventional electronic products, and builds on 15 years of research at UC Irvine and elsewhere into the technology. Backman has run active research program in sensors, MEMS, BioMEMS, micro-instruments and nanotechnology for applications in communications and life sciences, according to the company. Integra Devices's President and CEO is James Spoto (Sunrise Micro Devices, Applied Wave Research, Conexant, Rockwell, Harris and Cadence); the firm's Sales and Marketing VP is Paul Dhillon (VTI Instruments, LXI, Marconi, Racal/EADS, Milcom/Powerwave, VTI Instruments, and Ametek).