Knowledge Genie Launches Publishing Tool

Los Angeles-based startup Knowledge Genie is launching a new, online site today which allows people to publish, share, and sell their knowledge online. The startup, headed by authors and husband-and-wife team Milo and Thuy Sindell, allows book authors and other experts to follow some basic steps to take their expertise and convert it into an online, organized knowledge base--which the firm calls a "genie." The new startup is the outgrowth of work the Sindells did for author and leadership consultant Marshal Goldsmith, powering Goldsmith's interactive web app called the Marshall Goldsmith Professional Success Systems. The service is available based on a subscription to users, who can use the tool to charge people for access to the information in their "genie" via payment systems like Paypal. Among features of the publishing tool are interactive prompts to help authors and experts to translate their knowledge into online format; ability to organize knowledge by chapters, steps, or other organizational schemes; numerous ways to navigate the content created; and support for checklists and quizzes.


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