Los Angeles Firm Sells For $13M

A Los Angeles company, Escom LLC, has sold domain name for $13M, according to a report today from The Register. Citing documents filed in a California court, the report said that the domain was sold to Clover Holdings Ltd.--a stealthy, offshore firm--one of twelve bidders on the domain. Domain name broker Sedo had said in July that it was the exclusive brokerage firm representing the domain. has a long history, having been purchased by Escom in 2006 for a reported $14M. Escom purchased the domain from's founder, Gary Kremen, who had originally registered the domain name in 1994. Between 1994 and the sale to Escom, Kremen had to go to the courts to re-gain the domain, after the domain was transfered away from him due to forged domain registrar documents. Escom itself was locked in battle with creditors in bankruptcy court, who had been struggling over who would represent the domain in an auction.