Los Angeles Set To Get WiMAX From Clearwire, Sprint

Los Angeles is set to get WiMAX 4G wireless service later this year, as Clearwire and Sprint said today that they will begin offering up 4G in the area, starting December 1st. According to Clearwire, both will offer its 4G wireless services under their own brands. The firm will be opening up both retail locations and network expansion in Los Angeles for its service, which is a wireless service which offers high speed Internet service over a much longer range. Clearwire--which has been rolling out a nationwide, WiMAX network--said that users of its service will get dual-mode service, using Sprint's 3G data network when users are outside of its 4G wireless network. Exact coverage maps and availability within Los Angeles was not announced by Clearwire. Sprint is a major investor and partner of Clearwire, which was started by telecom mogul Craig McCaw.