TOP NEWS Sued Over Fashion Rocks

Los Angeles-based, the online media network run by Jay Penske, is being sued by The Gross Family Foundation, a New York-based charity, over its use of "FASHION ROCKS" to advertise and promote its own multimedia services. According to a lawsuit filed Monday in the New York Southern District Court (The Gross Family Foundation, Inc. v. Mail.Com Media Corporation), the Gross Family Foundation claims that MMC is using "FASHION ROCKS" to advertise and promote its own services, including claiming ownership of the Fashion Rocks charity and live music and fashion entertainment events. Fashion Rocks is used by Conde Nast to promote New York's Fashion Week, under license from the Gross Family Foundation. The foundtaion is claiing trademarke infringement, unfair competition and false advertising, and is seeking an injunction against use, deletion of references on its web site and materials, and damages for the use.